Internet Explorer users:
NOTE: The application does NOT work very well (if at all) with Internet Explorer at this time.
(Have tried using IE 11, and Edge (IE v12). When I got it to run, the performance was very bad.

Uze RPG - For Uzebox

Will be awesome!
* Dialog boxes with animated characture
* VRAM scrolling (basic scrolling)
* Heavy use of ram tile tricks
* Large world to explore.
* ... Lots of planning is in the works. Demos are available below.

This webpage will allow you to play the current version of the game in your browser.

-Link to this game's post on the Uzebox forum-

Uzebox specs:
CPU : ATMEGA644p @ 28.636 MHz
RAM : 4 Kb
FLASH : 64 Kb
SPI RAM: 128 Kb (External)
SD : 256 Mb (External)

Active Development Version (NOTE: Might not be stable/playable.)
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Non-playable Demos
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Previous Releases/Milestones
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